How to Joined Indian Air Force in 2021?

Indian Air Force
How to Joined Indian Air Force in 2021

How to Joined Indian Air Force in 2021?

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How to Joined Indian Air Force 2021?

The Indian Air Force was officially established on 8 October 1932. On under Government of India.

How to Joined.

The Recruitment Process is almost Similar for Other Indian Army Division. Can You Interested Work with Us Then Follow This 4th way

1) Joined NDA Academy- The Recruitment Process is almost Similar for Other Indian Army Division. After 12th Passing candidates who make it through NDA tests will have a three-year common training before they are moved to AFA for basic flying training and allotting the air type of air crafts they would handle, whose specialized training will happen later.

2) Combined Defense Service Examination or CDSE– Examination is conducted twice a year by the Union Service Commission for Recruiting into The Indian Military Academy and Indian Air force Academy. The Notification For examination is Usually released in the month of October and June and the examination are conducted in February and November respectively. Only unmarried Graduate are eligible to sit for the exam. Successful candidates are admitted into the respective Academies after an interview conducted by the SSB.

3) NCC special entry- National Cadet Corps (NCC), also known as the Fourth Line of Defense, provides an opportunity to join the IAF. If the candidates have completed NCC training and obtained a ‘C’ Certificate from the Air Wing NCC then they are eligible to join the IAF.

4) University Entry Scheme or UES- UES is an acronym which stands for University Entry Scheme. This is a scheme which Indian Air Force has started way back in 1950’s, it was only for the Engineering and Electrical Branch initially for the Electrical branch and later for engineering branches too. We have 5 main branches out of which Indian Air Force conducts recruitment for only for four Branches.

Executive Branch

Education Branch

Engineering Branch

Electrical Branch

Primarily it gives an opportunity for those who are pursuing their studies to also opt for career in the Air force as officers.

5) Air Force Common Admission Test or AFCAT- Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) is a part of recently introduced Unified Selection System to provide adequate opportunities to the candidates eligible for multiple branches of the IAF to apply through single application. AFCAT is conducted for the following non UPSC entries for induction into the Officers’ cadre of the IAF.

Various Entries Through AFCAT

Flying branch- Short Service Commission (Men / Women).

Technical branch- Permanent Commission (Men) / Short Service Commission (Men/ Women).

Ground Duty branches- Permanent Commission (Men) / Short Service Commission (Men / Women).

AFCAT released its official notification for the application for AFCAT is Going online Various examination center in India. The exam, which used to be free of cost to apply, would be charged at 250/300 per application.

Selection system for Officers and Airmen in the IAF has been continuously evolving and sustained efforts are in place to strengthen the testing system. Though the existing system is time tested and well proven, constraints of testing capacity and geographical reach were major limitations in according opportunity to all the deserving and eligible candidates from across the country especially to rural youth.

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